Scallop Shells Uses & Ideas

People have a wide range of different uses for a scallop shell.


Our aim is to create an online community for people who use scallop shells, no matter what your reason. So please let us know what you use your scallop shell for and we would be delighted to post it on this page.


Scallop shells can withstand high temperatures and are easily washed for re-use.

Some of our scallop shell uses include:

  • To serve seafood dishes in
  • For a craft project
  • As a plate for sauces or salt and pepper
  • Paint or decorate them
  • A sea shell candle
  • As an ornament in your fish tank
  • To hold potpourri
  • Growing small plants in
  • Make a wind chime
  • As a table decoration
  • For your wedding favours

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